December 10, 2018

Museum of Durham History

Latinx Exhibit Curatorial Internship 

About the Museum of Durham History:

The Museum of Durham History is a 21st-century museum that uses stories about people, places and things to foster curiosity, encourage further inquiry, and promote an understanding of diverse perspectives about the Durham community and its history.

Exhibit Background:

Between 2010 and 2016, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that North Carolina’s Latino population grew by 132,000 residents, or 16.5 percent. An estimated 41,000 Latinos live in Durham. This diverse group includes people of Mexican ancestry (about 60 percent) and many with roots in other countries in Central and South America (about 40 percent). Latino students are the fastest growing group in most school systems in the United States. Most were born here in the United States and are already citizens, English-proficient, and bicultural—embracing U.S. food, entertainment etc. without abandoning Latino culture. Latinos in all their diversity are an increasingly important group of residents, consumers, employees, employers, and students in Durham.

For these reasons, the Museum of Durham History is embarking on a year-long initiative to gather history, perspectives, artifacts, photos, and everyday stories on what it means to be Latino in Durham. The Museum of Durham History is looking for a curatorial intern to assist in the development process for this exhibit.

Key Responsibilities May Include:

• Gaining community input through front-end evaluation and group reminiscence sessions and by attending relevant community events
• Conducting research including oral-history interviews with community members.
• Working with supervisor on analyzing research and developing an exhibit narrative.
• Identifying and obtaining high-resolution images for use exhibition
• Writing and refining label text
• Developing programming for the exhibit’s run

Qualifications and Skills Preferred:

• Graduate student pursuing a degree in American history, museum studies, or a related field
• Excellent communication skills
• Experience with Archival research
• Basic knowledge of Durham and North Carolina history
• Ability to work independently as well as in a team
• Experience conducting oral interviews

Preferred Skills:

• Experience writing for a general audience
• Developing educational programs
• Intermediate to proficient in Spanish language

Supervisor: Jeanette Shaffer, Director of Operations