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group_img_3598In August 2016, Duke University received a three-year Next Generation Ph.D. Implementation Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to increase the versatility of our humanities doctoral students by preparing them for success in academic and non-academic careers.

The funded project, “Doctoral Training for the Versatile Humanist,” was the result of a collaboration between the Duke Graduate School and the Provost’s Office. Building on the excellent professional development programs and resources already in place at The Graduate School, the project—now “Versatile Humanists at Duke”—allows us to create, implement, and showcase current best practices in revisioning graduate humanities education for the 21st century.

Versatile Humanists at Duke builds on six focus areas:

  1. Individualized advising support
  2. External internship opportunities
  3. Project management roles on interdisciplinary research teams
  4. Alumni Ph.D. networking
  5. Fostering pedagogical innovations in graduate training
  6. Ongoing conversations about professional development for Ph.D. students

Versatile Humanists at Duke Leadership

  • Edward J. Balleisen, Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Studies, Faculty PI
  • Maria LaMonaca Wisdom, Director of Graduate Student Advising and Engagement in the Humanities, Project Director

Versatile Humanists at Duke Advisory Committee

  • Paula D. McClain, Dean of The Graduate School and Vice Provost for Graduate Education
  • Jaqueline Looney, Senior Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Associate Vice Provost for Academic Diversity
  • Melissa Bostrom, Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Professional Development
  • Gennifer Weisenfeld, Dean of the Humanities, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences
  • Rey Chow, Chair, Program in Literature
  • Kathy Psomiades, Director of Graduate Studies, Department of English
  • Philip Stern, Director of Graduate Studies, Department of History
  • Clare Woods, Associate Professor, Department of Classical Studies
  • Nicole Kempton, Senior Director, Graduate & Professional School Alumni Affairs
  • Liz Milewicz, Head, Digital Scholarship Services, Duke University Libraries
  •  William Wright-Swadel, Executive Director, Duke Career Center
  • Natalie Gasparowicz, doctoral student, History
  • Sinja Küppers, doctoral student, Classical Studies
  • Christine Ryan, doctoral student, Law
  • Jacqueline Olich, Director, University Collaborations, RTI International
  • Andy Mink, Vice President for Education Programs, National Humanities Center
  • Aaron Dinin, Co-Founder, Backend Developer at RocketBolt
  • Heidi Giusto, Founder, Career Path Writing Solutions