December 7, 2016



Maria LaMonaca Wisdom, Director of Graduate Student Advising and Engagement in the Humanities | Bio

Need to talk with someone beyond your PhD program or discipline? 

As Director of Graduate Student Advising and Engagement in the Humanities, I help Duke Ph.D. students in humanities and interpretative social sciences flourish during graduate school, and launch confidently into meaningful professional roles afterwards.

My approach to advising is a wholistic one–that is, I try to take into account the complete picture: your passions, values, talents and goals, whether or not they directly bear on your graduate study.

If you are in the early stages of your graduate career, let’s talk! Some of the topics we might discuss:

  • Enriching your academic experience through interdisciplinary opportunities at Duke
  • Identifying and building relationships with a diverse group of mentors
  • Setting short and intermediate-term goals for graduate study
  • Developing competence and confidence in the grad school classroom and beyond

If you are in the later stage of a PhD program, and are preparing for the academic job market, I feel your pain. Having worked as an assistant/associate professor of English for many years, I understand the dynamics of the academic job market and the quirks of departmental culture thoroughly.  Some of the items I can help with include:

  • Staying on track as you finish the dissertation
  • Review of job search materials (cover letter, CV, etc.)
  • Coaching to prepare for interviews (phone, Sykpe, conference, campus visit)
  • Support as you evaluate job offers and try to discern a good fit

If you are at any stage of a PhD program, considering a possible path outside of academia, let’s talk.  In 2012 I did the “unthinkable” and gave up a tenured faculty position to pursue other professional opportunities.  I encountered a steep learning curve, as I developed a new mindset and new strategies for a different kind of job market.  Let me help you with:

  • Researching new career paths and locating job openings
  • Preparing job search materials (including a strong online presence)
  • Networking strategies
  • Coaching to prepare for interviews

In all cases, consultations are completely confidential and focused on your needs and goals. Phone and Skype conversations can also be arranged.

Email me today to schedule an appointment!